Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holly - A Christmas Tale

Prepare for a journey of wonder in Holly: A Christmas Tale! Bright, colorful and bursting with holiday magic, A Christmas Tale tells the story of Holly, a young woman who nods off on Christmas Eve and dreams about helping Santa Claus deliver toys to children around the world. But is she really asleep? And what about the magic wand she's using? Does it hint at a greater destiny for Holly?

You'll discover the answers as you play this season's best hidden object game! A Christmas Tale will put you in the holiday spirit as you scour over 25 beautifully drawn Yuletide scenes looking for the objects Santa needs. And you won't get bored, either, as there's more twists to the gameplay than spirals on a candy cane. Can you pick out just the toys on a shelf crammed with merchandise? Or spot the differences between two seemingly identical pictures? Download this new holiday classic today!

I found this game to be very charming, though perhaps aimed at a younger crowd. The Christmas theme is great, as I love holiday games and the graphics are lovely! The game play was rather easy, though a bit tricky as the clues weren't always very clear. Click the images above for a larger view.

The game offers more than 25 levels to beat with over 1,000 different objects to find - and they're all new objects! I didn't recognize them from any of the other HOGs, lol. There are a variety of ways to find the objects as well, adding to the ease of the game.

Although HOGs aren't my favorite genre of game, I did enjoy the holiday theme of this one and will continue to play it throughout the season.

I give this game a 7 out of 10!

Purchasing the full version also gives you the entire story, unlimited game time, free upgrades to newer versions and full tech support from the developer, of course. :)

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